Welcome to Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Mission of Columbus!

This website is dedicated to our beloved friends, from all over the world and of all ages.
We invite you to join our mission and meet our families.
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Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Mission
meets at

St Andrew Church

1899 McCoy Rd, Columbus, OH 

Mass every Sunday at 4:30PM

Pastor: Father Jean Paul El Khoury

Dayton Rectory: (937) 428-0372 •  Cell: (330) 651-1592 – OLOL Phone:614-300-6008

Father’s E-Mail: abouna.jeanpaul@ololohio.org

Mission’s Email: olol.columbus@ololohio.org

Web Site:  ololcolumbus.org

Organist: Lara Maleh (614) 527-1530 & Theresea Yazbeck
Choir: Victor Ghanem, Mona Atala, Joumana Berry (New members are welcome)
Bulletin Coordinator: Tony Habib (740) 785-5594 or Adele Bush (614) 477-2961
Altar Servers: Noah Saliba, David Maleh, James Neil, Micah Neil

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